Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Uncertainty is Eminent

The gods of the world above and below would always indicate to you that nothing is more certain than dieing. Everything which is alright might be destroyed. Don't be silly. Never tell yourself that everything would be fine. Why do I say so? Before you even thing about your own safety and to develop peace, there is for sure something will go wrong. Everything which is fine can be temporarily and you won't know when and how you will meet with bad luck or mishap.

Bad things happened not because of bad karma or so. It is certain and can be proved scientifically. We have to be ready for all these things. We must be alert. But why we still worry? Yes, a doubtful man will always remained doubtful. He doesn't know how to make good use of the benefits that is available. Let someone else take full care for those uncertainty. If we have a right mind set, we will always think about reducing or eliminating our bad luck or uncertainty. Uncertainty here means those funds that would be available when something bad happened to us. Do we want to be responsible for our mis-fortunes all by ourselves. Do you want to carry that burden. Knowing that we have an alternative way of solving our problems, why not we let someone take care of it.

Many don't belief in this kind of help. This is because they here too much rubbish from people who have themselves covered but having the guts to make you a fool by not signing up for a plan which is by far the best way for solving our problems during the bad times. We all need to switch off that mentality by saying those who will help us in times of adversities are the people who are there most for us. We at Prudential think a like what is mentioned. We care for our prospects needs compared to most market share.

Why us? Why Prudential while others still think that they can make it. I am going to be bias this time. Promise a person and deliver your duty. At Prudential, we have one word. The world is deliver. We are able to pay out claims when the funds are needed. Unlike other companies in the market share. They might not be able to pay out due to their insufficiency. We are professional when it comes to marketing the product and also after-sales service. Prudential is the top paying company in terms of medical in the year 2010. Remember, we achieved 1 Billion while other are still struggling. Why? The answer is simple, we deliver. As a consumer, do you want something which is certain or uncertain. What if you sign up a plan which doesn't cover you legally. There are cases where insurance company can't even pay out their claims due to lack of resources for that particular product. Do you see it at Prudential? The answer is clear, No. We have every valid reason to tell you we will be ready when in times of adversary faced by our customers. There is a little catch here. Your claim must be valid according to the terms of the policy and not simply make a claim which is invalid.

Enough of the marketing side. We shall go back to the topic which is Uncertainty is Eminent. We all are human-being. We do know how to differentiate and are able to take actions according to what is being shown to us. Let us see about the proposal by Prudential and other players in the life insurance industry. It is proven that we at Prudential are the best pay master. In fact we pay out claims based on a insurance company's production. Which means we are able to say we are better than most of other life insurance company. This shows that Prudential in Malaysia is a growing and healthy in their revenues. Why? This is because we are the pioneers in the market and we have been there for the people for around 160 years. This is not plucked out from the sky information but it is true. We are the first to reach the market when it comes to traditional and investment-linked products. We now claimed to be number 1 and our financial report is the proof of our success.

Everything is in black and white. Prudential is number one. Prudential has the biggest share in terms of life insurance. Again, Prudential is the highest paying of claims in terms of sum assured and also hospital benefits. This is again not a false statement but something which is true based on our records. The confidence is a sure thing and we need to know that we can put our trust in Prudential. We work closely with our customers and we have the right solution to their problems. We think and we always come out with ideas and solution by improving and making our product valid to all walks of life needless to say the age and gender. We have to thank the product development people for coming out with essential products where no other company can have.

Prospects today are educated. We know how to analyze the benefits and returns of the product. Yes, some might say our returns are around average but do you think other insurance companies can guarantee you that you will get back the sum of money that you put in. There is a catch here, you might not get back but at Prudential, we guarantee you your supposedly returns. We must think about if whatever we pay are returnable. At Prudential, we are able to guarantee you a return because our underwriting specialty is one of the best in the market. This is not boasting but we have shown our credibility in terms of paper formed. In short, it is proven.

Guess I have clear most of your doubts. Make sure you are secured from a recognizable and reputable life insurance company. Ethics must be practiced by both parties which is the insurance company must honor their duty and also the policy holder who bought the policy must also be responsible and not take advantage of the benefits given to them. It is important to look at your risk and how you want to manage that particular risk with guaranteed terms.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I don't care...Just focus.

The time for one to care about something is just a waste. Caring is good but caring too much is surely a wrong thing to do. We only can care just a little and the rest is up to the person. If we care less we are able to do what we suppose to do. Everyone has to find his/her way of reaching their goals. No point caring. Trust me.

I am putting away all the cares and trouble of this world. I am not going to think about these problems which definitely will bring an effect to my success. Trust me, the more you listen the more crap will come out. Don't give yourselves boundaries. If what you do is right than continue and be successful. Don't listen to any old folks talk because they themselves are lost. If we really listen and register in our brain what they say, you will surely be influence plus paralyzed by their virtue. Delete all those waste and think what is right for yourselves.

This world is a cruel world. People don't like to see you happy. Happy here is to reach all your goals. They prefer you to be stupid and foolish so that they are not challenged. I am not those sort of person. I always want people to be successful and we work together. Those who are sour personally must be avoided and we shall stay far away from them. They are no use making friends with because they feel they are great and others are useless.

If we have a goal or goals in mind, we must focus. We mustn't let our foresight be over shadowed by all these negative effects. We must learn to stay strong. Nobody is going to kill you for achieving your own goals. We must learn to let go those unwanted voice in us and keep focusing in our goals. The thing which stops us is the voice that tell us we can't. If we can overcome these phenomena, we are successful. Flush all those stress and useless voice in us by doing something that we like and sweat all those negative thought away and start to learn to focus in what we want.

Share with people who are successful. Ask them how to be successful. Delete all those useless people from your list who only bring misery and negative aura. Mix in a healthy and wealthy society. Read great articles. Keep telling yourselves that we can make it no doubt the world might tell you it is impossible. We only live one life and we aught to make the best out of this life. Always remember to seize the day and make the best out of every situation.

Always keep a habit of reading. Read from successful authors. Try to narrate what they are trying to portray. Speak about your dreams to your close family members. Tell them your dreams. Share with them what you are thinking. They might just help you in building a strong esteem person in you. Speak to any one who is capable and full of knowledge. They might just help you to solve you problem part by part. Keep searching and never stop doing research. Keep up that source.

My focus is to be a successful wealth planner. I want to fly the world. I want to reach for Star Club. I want to spend whenever I need to. In short, I want to be financially sound. You might learn from your customer. I mean good leads and not those bad influence people. You can read a person by the way he or she talks or react. If you find that person a nuisance, just feel free to walk away. There are a lot of successful people and these people can help you to build your best character and make you wealthy spiritually and physically. Never fail to keep searching and never forget about those people who have helped us along the way. They are all out there but we have to only take time off to look for them and to speak to them and to share your success and they might share their success too.

This is too much to digest. Oh well, time to make the move and I am awaiting to see the reward and also the formation of a good and capable network of associates. All hail me.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Do something Until Right.

There are many failures because these people gave up. We give up easily when we know we could actually do something. I have to admit that I am in that category. In short, we just give up because things doesn't go our way. It is a waste.

I will tell you why it is a waste.

We can actually be perfect in whatever we do but due to our ignorance we gave up. Some might be an expert in a short period of time. Congratulations to those who are able to do it in a short period of time. How about those who can't? We give up?

Many at times we tell ourselves that we can't and so we cannot. We do not give a try or battle things out but instead opt to give up. Isn't that a big waste? It is no better than not trying. We should ask ourselves a question. Why do we begin if we do not end. We always think of the impossibilities and not about the opportunities. We think we can't when we only try out that subject just a few times. Needless to say, we don't know what it might be if we kept our faith and keep doing the same thing. I very sure we will reap rewards if we persevere. Why than should we fail?

Most of the time we fail because we are weak at what we are doing. We should not think of the task as a burden but a pleasure. Most of us will think that things are a burden when it doesn't work out for us. Try to imagine when we first started walking. Do you think by only two steps we are able to walk properly. The answer is definitely no. It is impossible for us to start walking when we are still baby with only two steps. We need to take a hundred steps to balance ourselves and for us to walk like adults. The concept is the same with success in whatever we do. Most of the time we can't see success just by doing that particular task a few times. We must practice over and over again. The more we do it the faster we see success. This is very logic and sort of the answer to all our failure.

I can't give you the recipe but it is for all to find out. The only thing is hard work to make ourselves perfect and without flaw. The number of failure equals to the success that we will meet. We just have to believe no doubt most of us have the feeling of instant failure. The worst part is not trying and letting go. That is a total lost and worst a silly thing we do. Our life will be empty if we do not try. We will just remain at point one and there would be no difference. I am also reminding myself as this applies to everyone. Only those who are true and willing will take hid of this piece of advice.

All the best to those who are trying and failing. Remember, the more you fail the better you will get and in the end you meet with success. You don't have to share with people your failure but share you process of seeking success. No body wants to know about your past or your future but what matters the most is what you can do for your present self to give a rough picture of your future.

Monday, February 28, 2011

He & She speaks different languages.

The world is surely an interesting place. There is never a time where a situation is mundane. I don't get people who claimed to be bored. What do I mean when I say people speak different languages? I am not actually relating to the language such as Malay, Japanese, Mandarin, Arab and so on.

The language I am referring to is the different fields that people are attached to. There are many disciplines nowadays and today it is important that people know what language they are speaking. Everyone goes to school from primary to secondary. During the time in school, we are thought the basics. The basics are important in fact to kick-start our career. We go to university to enhance or develop our profession. There are so many professions today such as lawyer, engineer, architect, doctor and so on. There is a diversity of languages.

We as sales people must at least know a little bit of every field so that we can express ourselves well to our potential customers. Not everyone will understand what we are speaking or trying to relate to them because of our differences in language. The whole reason of knowing a wide area of languages is to get along with people from different education background or field.

In sales, especially in the insurance line, we will meet with people from different backgrounds. As I have mentioned about the different professions above, it is important that we know a little about these professions. It is to show that we have taken the initiatives and also to know about the different fields people are into. People are well educated with insurance today and they know the ins and out of the industry especially the life side. The only interesting part is general insurance where a wide range of areas are covered. In general insurance there are motor insurance and non-motor where it includes aviation, burglary, third party risk, fire, and marine and hull.

The cat is speaking to the dog in lay man terms. An engineer can't communicate with an accountant about their technical intellectual and vice-versa. It is always a challenge. The challenge makes life interesting and I don't find life boring at all because there are so many things to learn and to relate. I am for sure sick about listening to people claim that they have nothing to do. Go learn another language! Sincere apologies, I am just ranting about people who come to me claiming that they have nothing to do.

I don't buy the idea about not teaching an old dog new tricks. It is an old saying and I am for sure reluctant to associate with such people who agree with that saying. Not to get me wrong or anything but teaching is definitely a headache especially those who don't pay attention. I agree with the saying let sleeping dogs lie. An old dog despite of its age can surely learn new things and they can renew their talents day by day but it is only those stubborn old dogs who are reluctant to learn new tricks are a problem. Sad to say, there is a high percentage of people who are just too stubborn to learn new things. We shall just leave them aside first.

It is a challenge. Homework has to be done so that we require new skills. Honestly, in every discipline there are basic concepts and principles. It is only how we build on that basic principle. That is when we form complete statements. The idea of innovation is important not buying the idea of imitation but innovation.

Educating is sincerely not an idealistic opinion in the corporate world. The idea doesn't plucked out from thin air. The competition is stiff and only those who are strong enough will survive. Many will fall and only a few will remain. Don't buy the idea of me being selfish or self-centered but in the real world these are the answers. People grow sick as they chase after their dreams and they become weak and tired. They feel that the amount of work they put in doesn't have a true value. They give up and remain at their position. I suggest that we join in the marathon rat race every now and than to keep us fit and healthy. If we are not fit it is hard for us even to be successful. We will get hyper-tension, heart-attack and other chronic sicknesses.

The most important in life is to have principles and always innovate. Touching people's heart is an art and not many people can do so. Those top scorers in school fail because they don't have something which the bible teaches us. What is the most important commandment? I am not going to spit it out but find out for yourself. Mind you, even the very elected will fall. I mean those successful people in the business line where competition is so stiffed that people find it hard to even survive or break-even. Try climbing Mount Everest up and down for three days. Do you think you will make it? I reckon even superman will fail. That is how challenging the world of business is and you will never know but only faith will keep us going. Some might say they don't think too far ahead. Yes, it is true? Why? We might feel upset when we fail to achieve our vision. As for me, I feel whatever the outcome is we must have a vision. A vision would be a direction and everyone has different directions and not everyone has the same outcome. Do not get upset when you don't get the outcome other people are getting because as I have mentioned, everyone has different outcome. As long as we put in afford we will make it. The trick is going an extra step.

I am catching a cold now. *Sneezing*

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Relationship Game.

The culture in Western part of the globe is totally different compared to the one in Asian countries. The approach are totally opposite in nature. The Western approach is more direct and evasive while the Asian approach is more of relationship building and trust.

In any business there must be trust. Trust is not build over night but years. We have to do a lot of homework and follow-up in order to gain the trust. Trust is build over a time frame and it also can be easily broken. Every step we take must be precise. The trust instilled will be snow-balled to another party and that is the beauty of trust. If we are honest to someone, that someone will introduce to us another party. In this case, our network will grow.

Sincerity is very important. We must not cheat people or gain advantage of others. People are very smart today and if we take advantage of them they will cut us and worst, they will inform others. This will jeopardize our good name. It is always important to be clear. People might not accept our point but with persistence we will surely get there.

Keep the mood going and never sulk. You won't know what might be at the other end of the tunnel. There might be love and also feelings. We should never give up just because of a small glitch or rejection. The concept is same to knowing a person for the first time. You need to get in touch with that person. We can try by having small chats and little ideas and slowly when you feel that the relationship is forming you just give your all. But be honest.

We must find out the reasons why things don't go our way. It is like finding a hidden puzzle. The more clues we have in our mind the better we will solve the problem. People today are very dynamic so we have to adept to the situation in an appropriate manner. We must be well verse with the current issues so that we are able to understand the other party what they are narrating. Try reading a lot especially current issues.

I believe if we treat people well they will in turn treat us well. Never climb over people's head. It is not advisable and it is rude and dominating. Respect the elders because they are the gold of the age and they are wise. You can learn a lot of things from them and trust me you will learn lots where you are unable to get from someone at a fairly young age.

It is good to be knowledgeable but knowledge can only bring us to a certain stage. We must be interpersonal smart. If we can't strike a simple conversation we are total failures. Trust me there are times you just can't speak let alone express yourselves and that is frustrating. You have all the phrases formed in your head but it doesn't come out. That is why you can be the brilliant kid but if you don't have interpersonal skills, you are no better than an average Joe. You are zero if you don't have respect let alone manners because you just can't work out.

Keep building on your knowledge but at the same time get to know more people. You will surely have difficulty knowing people. You must build that bond and it takes time and work to be able to form them. The trick is to take it easy and not to pressure yourself. The best thing works when you are cool. The flow will come when we are calm. I know many people who are good speakers and relationship builders who are cool and confident. It takes lots of practice and care. The result will surely come.